Salzburg - Mozart and More

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IMG_5549Sooo Salzburg is this beautiful and charming little city about two hours from Vienna by train.  It is called the City of Music because it is home of the great Amadeus Wolfgang Mozart and believe me you get your fill of Mozart in this trip.  After a 6 AM wakeup call in Vienna, all three of us hopped a train bound for Salzburg and arrived two hours later at the Altstadt Weisse Taube Hotel built in the 1300s.  It was adorable. By adorable, I mean tiny.  They had to remove all extraneous furniture in the room to bring in a crib for Jack. Tight quarters make for closer families right?! Smile. (Fantastic service and wonderful friendly people running the place though!)  All in Lader Hosen.IMG_5736

Our Salzburg adventure took us to Mozart’s home and to his family’s museum and across the Locks of Love bridge.  I read so many placards about Mozart today that I have all this random Mozart trivia swimming in my head. (And probably will for weeks.) I can’t stop thinking about his sister Maria Anna Mozart who apparently was an incredibly gifted musician too.  But because she was a girl it wasn’t considered proper for her to pursue becoming a musician. Instead, she was forced to marry a guy named Johann and move to St. Gilgen.  For the record, I am so grateful and happy to be a woman living in the USA in 2015 and not married to Johann.  Never before in world history have women had the freedom and choices to do whatever they want as they do today.  It wasn’t until Johann died that Maria Anna moved back to Salzburg to pursue her love of music and became a teacher as well as a historian of her brother’s legacy.  Makes me wonder if Maria’s talent didn’t rival her brother’s? and what the world may have missed out on because she had to move to St. Gilgen.IMG_5567

We finally were able to shake our jetleg. And by we I mean me and Mike. Jack is of course sleeping better than both of us.  One of our favorite spots was at the Hohensalzburg Fortress built in 1077 with stunning views of the city.  In the afternoon we stopped for drinks on the roof of the Hotel Stein on a perfect 65 degree afternoon and Jack played on the deck…it was a moment I will never forget.IMG_5737 IMG_5661 IMG_5562

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