First Flight Solo with Harry!

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First flight solo with Harry!

First flight solo with Harry!

Just back from a recent flight and the strangest thing happened: People were actually civil and really, really nice 🙂 I was traveling to Little Rock Arkansas to surprise a friend and I was traveling solo with eight week old Harry. If you’ve ever traveled with an infant, you know. You get the death stares from passengers hoping you are not sitting next to them. On this trip, the woman sitting next to me turned to me five minutes after takeoff and said “Is there anything I can do for you? or hold for you? or help you in any way?” Me: stunned and speechless. It wasn’t just me. The woman behind me was having a hard time putting her luggage in the overhead bin and four people jumped up to help her. FOUR people. The man across the aisle was uncertain if he was a window or an aisle seat and his “seat-mate” offered to switch with him. “It matters not to me…would you like the aisle?” Me: (silently to myself) Am I on an alternate planet? Nope. Just a flight to Little Rock, Arkansas which has restored my faith in humanity in the midst of story after story of air rage. Thank you passengers on AA flight 3507. You have inspired me. I’m not sure I can give up my aisle seat but I will try even harder to leave my mark on the “strangers” I encounter. You sure did…and I thank you.

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