Brussel Sprouts Supreme

Categories: Food

If you have to bring ONE dish to Thanksgiving, this is it! I have been using this recipe for about five years now and it is incredible.  If you like brussel sprouts you will love this recipe and even if you don’t like them, you seriously might start liking them with this recipe.  My husband  Continue Reading

Travel Tokyo: Where to Eat

Categories: Explore, Food, Travel

Every travel lover has that one destination at the top of their “bucket list” that maybe seems a little out of reach but is definitely a place they dream about and hope to visit someday.  For me, it is Tokyo.  I’ve wanted to go ever since I saw Bill Murray struggle with middle age malaise  Continue Reading

Peach Mint and Burrata Salad

Categories: Food

This is such an easy and elegant salad.  Every single Farmer’s Market I go to lately seems to have a surplus of gorgeous ripe peaches.  The peaches above come from a farm in Benton Harbor, Michigan and I purchased them a day ago at the Farmer’s Market in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art  Continue Reading

Southern California Eats

Categories: Food, Travel

It was suppose to be just a quick getaway to Southern California with my husband.  What it turned out to be is just one fantastic meal after another!  And I didn’t plan it at all!  That was the biggest surprise.  I’m talking from burgers to street tacos to fine-dining.  I am a huge advocate of planning  Continue Reading

The Search for the Best Lobster Roll

Categories: Food

If I had to pinpoint one food that conjures up the most nostalgia of my childhood growing up in Massachusetts, it would no doubt be the Lobster Roll. Having lobster rolls with my Dad in the 1980s did not cost the fortune that they often do today and they always hit the spot on a sunny  Continue Reading

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