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IMG_1130It all started with a dog named Charlie (see above).  I had been wanting to get my Mum a dog for years and finally I said to myself: What are you waiting for?  There is no time like the present. I did a lot of research on different breeds and the temperament of each breed and I decided on a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel for my Mum for several reasons. Known for their extremely friendly and sweet disposition, they are also considered “comfort dogs” because they love to cuddle and become very attached to their owner: basically they are the ultimate “lap dog.” So I got Charlie for my Mum and delivered him to Boston. I never thought of myself as a dog person. I mean I like dogs. Other people’s dogs but never thought I was the type to have my own dog. That is until Charlie arrived on the scene.  I only had him for a week before the journey to Boston but that’s all it took.  I was in love.  So a year later after much debate, discussion, and doubt, I got Lucy!!


Lucy is hysterical. She is nothing like Charlie. Where Charlie is patient and kind, Lucy is a scrapper: hungry and playful and tomboyish.  She is also incredibly sweet and very lovable and can fetch a ball for hours on end. Next week, Lucy turns two and she has brought so much fun and love into our lives. She’s why I started this blog! In less than two years, I’ve gotten engaged, married and had a baby and Lucy has loved all the changes and could not be sweeter with Jack.  I would highly recommend this breed of dog for so many reasons and would love to talk more if you have any questions about the breed, feel free to email me. Here’s to Love and Lucy and Charlie too!!

IMG_7587 IMG_7734 IMG_7783 IMG_6768 IMG_7058 IMG_7078 IMG_7057 IMG_9007 IMG_6767 IMG_6482 IMG_6109 IMG_5912 IMG_3289 IMG_0913 IMG_1130 IMG_8987 IMG_2595

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