Meatpacking District NYC

Meatpacking District NYC

Just got back from two spectacularly beautiful days in NYC.  It was like the city was just showing off!  With sunny skies and temperatures in the 80s, everything was budding and blooming and just so full of promise.  If you know anything about me, you know that my itinerary was packed with plenty of great food destinations.  This trip I managed to hit three spots I would definitely add to your list if you have not been:

1. ABC Kitchen  You cannot go wrong with a Jean-Georges Vongerichten restaurant. This beautifully designed Flatiron restaurant is not only health conscious but delicious with an emphasis on organic ingredients and superb preparation in the rustic chic ABC Home inspired space.  My friend Effie who is a Vegetarian LOVES it. I am not a Vegetarian and still try to make it here as often as possible.

ABC Kitchen - Flatiron

ABC Kitchen – Flatiron

Tuna Sashimi at ABC Kitchen

Tuna Sashimi at ABC Kitchen

2. Roberta’s Pizza  Well-worth the 20 minute subway ride from Midtown, this Bushwick Brooklyn pizza joint is relaxed and dive-like…and the pizza is absolutely delicious wafer-thin with bubbling cheese and burnt edges.

Roberta's Pizza in Bushwick Brooklyn

Roberta’s Pizza in Bushwick Brooklyn

3. Katz’s Deli  The Ultimate pastrami sandwich.  I’ll have what she’s having!!  When Harry met Sally is one of my favorite movies. It was filmed at one of the tables in this iconic Lower East Side establishment which is brimming with personality and characters. You will be yelled at!!  Know what you want..and keep the line moving.  I get my pastrami with swiss cheese and mustard.  Russian dressing on the side. Pastrami Perfection.

Katz's Deli - Lower East Side

Katz’s Deli – Lower East Side

The couple in the middle is at the When Harry met Sally table

The couple in the middle is at the When Harry met Sally table

Pickle Plate - Katz's Deli

Pickle Plate – Katz’s Deli

Lower East Side Icon

Lower East Side Icon

Pastrami Perfection at Katz's Deli

Pastrami Perfection at Katz’s Deli

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