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Holiday Ice Cubes

Holiday Ice Cubes

My hometown is also the home of….. Ocean Spray Cranberry Company. In fact, if you turn over any can of Ocean Spray cranberry sauce it will say Lakeville-Middleboro Massachusetts and that is where I am proud to be from and where my Mom still lives in the same house I grew up in! Down the street from my house was a series of cranberry bogs that got flooded in the Fall and all the cranberries would rise to the water line for harvesting. If you combine that sea of wine colored water and then the New England foliage in the background it was a pretty spectacular place to grow up.   For many of you, this is the ONLY time of the year you buy cranberries or cranberry sauce but I absolutely love cranberries year round and have a lot of recipes using cranberries in different dishes. Here are three different ideas for using cranberries and cranberry sauce including one of my favorite recipes for Cranbery Sauce using Ocean Spray Cranberries.  Just delicious!

Homemade Cranberry Sauce with Orange Zest

3 Cups of Fresh Ocean Spray Cranberries

1/3 Cup Pure Maple Syrup

Juice of one large orange

Zest the rind of the same orange

3/4 cup of Water

Cinnamon Stick

Salt and Pepper

Homemade Cranberry Sauce with Orange Zest

Homemade Cranberry Sauce with Orange Zest

Wash cranberries and put whole cranberries in medium saucepan. Add syrup, water, orange juice and the zest of that orange and cook on high heat until sauce begins to boil.  Continue stirring until berries pop open and begin to break down.  Add cinnamon stick. (I also leave orange rinds in while it simmers and then take out when finished). Turn heat down and let simmer stirring occasionally for the next 25-30 minutes. Your house will smell so amazing!!!IMG_7962 At Thanksgiving, you often see folks just take a can of sauce and plop it on a plate and call it a day. There are so many better ways to display it…Cranberry 2

And another idea is to put any un-used cranberries in an ice tray….for use in water or a Thanksgiving cocktail.IMG_7942IMG_7944-2

Holiday Ice Cubes - Happy Thanksgiving!!

Holiday Ice Cubes

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