Harry and Jack: Brotherly Love

Harry and Jack: Brotherly Love

When I went into the hospital to deliver Harry on a foggy and cold Monday it felt like the end of Winter and three days later it truly felt like Spring in Chicago. You could literally see that the trees had turned a slight hue of green and were beginning to bud. Forever now, I will never experience Spring without thinking of bringing my second son into the world. It has been a wonderful and difficult eight weeks for our family as we have adjusted to life with a newborn again (I swear you forget just how little sleep you get with a new baby!). The eight week mark has allowed us all to turn a corner. Harry now smiles, holds his head up, and sleeps long stretches during the night! Praise God.IMG_0573
Much of the past eight weeks has been spent making our 2 year old Jack feel like life with a new baby is just as good as his old life where he was the leading character of this family movie. And it’s pretty obvious Jack likes his big brother status.IMG_0542
As an only child, I’ve always been keenly aware of people’s relationships with their siblings. I’ve always wanted a sister (but only one I got along with)…hahahah! It is fascinating to me that some siblings are so close while others seem to only have last names in common. When I think about the ones that get along really well, I wonder if they just got lucky? and ended up with a friend for life. Or did their parents have a role in their friendship? Did the parents do anything to nurture great relationships between their children? If so, I’d love to know how and do the same. I know you can’t guarantee your children will be friends for life but if parenting plays a role in any way I’d like to know. Some people pray for success for their children. or wealth. or a superior education. I pray my boys have relationships like no other. Who you spend time with and the quality of those relationships determines the quality of your life. From their first friends in school, to high school to who they marry and who they work with, may these relationships be ones that enrich, educate, entertain and enlighten. One of the great gifts of my life are all the friends I’ve made along the way that feel like family. I never had a sister. Or a brother. But I have countless precious friendships that are definitely closer than many siblings. I hope for my sons one of those friendships is with each other.

Mother's Day 2017 with Harry James

Mother’s Day 2017 with Harry James

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